Why Cancer Chmancer Poo Poo Poo?

Why Cancer Chmancer Poo Poo Poo?  Well, for one, I spelled it wrong.  I wanted “Cancer Schmancer, but I forgot the S, or my finger didn’t work that day.  Whatever.  I’m here now.


I was diagnosed with DCIS (Stage 0) breast cancer on April 14, 2011.  This diagnosis came after a lag in the revelation of my need for additional follow-up mammography.  My PCP never called me to let me know that I needed more mammograms, nor did the institution that did the films.  The only way I found out that I needed more mammograms, and then a biopsy, was that I happened to ask about the mammogram while I was in the doctor’s office for a sore throat.  She looked at them and said, “No one ever called you on these?  I signed off on these…”  Four months later!  Had it been a more aggressive form of cancer, that could have been a death sentence.  Why do I share this?  DON’T ASSUME NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS WHEN IT COMES TO TEST RESULTS!  Be a wellness street fighter and take matters into your own hands!  Get the information you need to empower yourself and get options for wellness and health!



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