Mr. Lesion says, “Have a Great Day!” Or: Memes that Fail Miserably 

So, this morning, after my grades were submitted, before the next onslaught of things I have to do on a deadline, I decided to chart the progress of Mr. Lesion. Mr. Lesion lives on my left leg, just below the calf, half way between the Knee territory of the front and the Calf territory of the back. I am covered in lesions large and small, but this one has morphed and changed the most. It’s also been ignored the most. 

This morning, however, something miraculous happened! After a sighting with an angel lisence plate (see below) yesterday, admonishing me to “LUVURSKN” I decided to be kinder to Mr. Lesion. I gave him a name, first of all, because, my goodness, he’s been along for the ride for a few years now. Like the child who was never born because of an early miscarriage, I’m reminded of Mr. Lesion often. I often think “what if?” And like the doctors told me way back then, “it was hardly anything, nu…” it was something. Mr. Lesion never leaves, though. He stays and grows and morphs.

 I introduce him to so many “experts.”  

“That certainly is strange.”

“Wow. How long have you had that? It’s probably nothing.”

“Stop, if you keep looking, you’ll find.” (WHAT???)

But no, I am being kind. And guess what? I was rewarded! This morning, Mr. Lesion has morphed more! Now he looks like a smiley face!

So, there ya go! Your new meme! Let’s treat Mr. Lesion like the star that he is! The experts at the Emerald City will dance with him soon enough! 

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