How I Got Here: The Guys In The Van

In case you’ve just joined my journey, I thought I’d include this early post.  Enjoy.

Imagine this dream–you are on your way to a party, a really, really cool party that you’ve been dreaming about for years. Everything you’ve done up till this point in your life was for the purpose of making that party AWESOME! The classes in school you take, the friends you choose, even what you wear, all is designed to enhance the party you’ve planned.

Now imagine RIGHT BEFORE the party, you are taken hostage. A bag is thrown over your head, your hands are bound behind you, and you are thrown into the back of a van. Your horrified, right? Now, imagine the bag is taken off your head and you find yourself…at another party. It is wonderful and even MORE awesome than the one you had planned, but it isn’t the party you had planned. It was someone else’s party. And why did you have to be scared to death to be able to enter the party?

That’s how getting a breast cancer diagnosis feels.

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