The Teams They Are a Changin’…

Last night something happened that has never happened to me before.  I got a call from Dr. Kitty, NOT to discuss the results of a pathology report, but to discuss Dr. Lukka.  She was very surprised and concerned with my choice of plastic surgeons.  She then shared with me some information that I didn’t know–Dr. Lukka didn’t just decide not to work at Power Hospital, he CAN’T work at Power Hospital.  I also learned that insurance carriers have dropped him (this can happen for a number of reasons).  She called him a cowboy who takes unnecessary risks and pushes the envelope, sometimes with very, very bad results.

Wow.  I’ve never heard another surgeon call a patient to talk about the qualifications of someone.  At first I was a little put off, but then realized I should listen to her, since I trust her more than I trust Dr. Lukka, who was a little slick and scheduled the surgery without really letting me think about it.  Kind of like the first time I bought a new car.  Dr. White, on the other hand, didn’t schedule anything, instead, said, “let’s talk more.”

Dr. Kitty also suggested that since none of the plastic surgeons really thought I had enough fat to spare for nice new boobies, that I consider implants.  After researching one-step reconstruction with Alloderm (one of many reconstruction methods), one name kept popping up–Dr. White.  Dr. White travels around the country speaking and teaching about the Alloderm technique.  After speaking with Dr. White’s Physician’s Assistant (PA), Mayim, and learning how many of these techniques Dr. White has done, I decided this was the best option for me.  It will be a 2-week recovery instead of 12, and I wont have to have surgery from a donor site to be concerned about.  I may have to have revisions after the initial surgery, but I’ll know more after I meet with Dr. White on Monday to discuss what I want.  And I’m pretty sure if I don’t like what I get, they can still take fat from my tushy and put it in my new boobies, but only if I want bigger ones!  It might be nice to have a break from the two albatrosses I’ve been carrying around since I was 12 years old  Maybe my neck would feel better if I had Cs instead of DDs.

So for now, our new date with the new team of Cancer Street Fighters is Aug 2, 2011.  I feel much better that this date isn’t 9 b’Av.  Aug 2 is TWO WEEKS from this coming Tuesday–whoa!  That’s close!  And still, the waiting is the hardest part.

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1 Response to The Teams They Are a Changin’…

  1. Rivkah says:

    Wow! Keep us posted! May you have a most wonderful Shabbos Sista! Love you!


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