Retooling and Refining

Dr. Brazil is off the team.  As cute as he is, and as much as I love that he tells me I don’t have enough belly fat to have large reconstructed breasts, he can’t hang with my team of Cancer Street Fighters.  Why?  I’m agist–he’s 12.  Honestly, I could care less about his age.  What bothers me is that he HAS NEVER DONE THIS TYPE OF SURGERY BEFORE!!!  Sorry, Dr. Brazil,  you first must learn to wipe your tushy on your own before you can touch my ta tas.  And preferably not at the same time.

So my DH Cancer Street Fighter went back to Dr. Yoda.  Oh, it is hard to go to Dr. Yoda after making a mistake, because, like a good master, he will rub your mistake in your face.  “Ah, so you didn’t like the pisher?  This is a big case.  Let him learn to wipe his *ss first on someone else.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself!  So, he recommended Dr. Luka.  Dr. Luka has a fancy-shmancy website with pictures and everything!  He’s actually done what I want!  Could he be the one?  I’ll call him first thing in the morning!

See, this is the life of a Cancer Street Fighter–if you find someone on the team is a weak link–get them out!  They will only bring you down!

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