Tapping into my inner Celia Hodes, Elizabeth Edwards and Christina Applegate

I wish I was more like Celia Hodes, a character who had breast cancer on the Showtime series, “Weeds.”  Celia is a bitch.  She wants women to be friends with her, but talks about them behind her back.  She cheats on her husband.  She drinks too much.  AND she has breast cancer.  So why do I want to be like her?  First, let me note, I DO NOT want to cheat on my husband, talk about my friends, or drink too much.  However, Celia doesn’t take crap from anyone.  Her daughter disobeys her and Celia ships her off to a boarding school in Mexico, never to be heard from again.  But Celia has something I don’t– kahones.  Big ones.  Celia could do things I could never do.  She gets her diagnosis and the day before her mastectomy has a fling with a friend of a friend.  Kahones.

Someone else I wish I could be more like is Elizabeth Edwards, may she rest in peace, but without the dying part.  Elizabeth Edwards was one classy lady.  She bought a present for her children to give to her ex-husband’s love child (their half-sibling).  She never talked negatively about her cheating, SOB husband, even after he cheated on her at the worst time in her life.  Elizabeth Edwards had something I lack– grace.  I tend to go into everything full-bore.  I am not what one might call graceful.  In fact, I’m probably the anti-grace.

Last person I wish I could be more like is Christina Applegate.  She is also a breast cancer survivor, and chose to have a bilateral mastectomy rather than risk recurrence after she was detected with the BRCA gene.  She recently had a daughter, which proves there is life after breast cancer.  Of course, she can’t nurse her daughter, but hopefully she will be around to see her daughter grow up.  Another reason I would like to be more like Christina Applegate?  She’s really funny and her new boobies look great!

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