Discovery. Another Piece of my Journey.

So, I was cleaning out a purse I haven’t used in a while, and I discover an order for a diagnostic mammogram for a ‘lump/thickening’ on the left breast at the 2 o’clock position.  It is dated August 28, 2009.  2009.  2009?  I remember that appointment–it was with the founder of the very well known clinic.  She told me it was something ‘we were going to watch.’  Yeah.

I wouldn’t think anything of it, except that I have a ‘lump/thickening’ (you could say ‘mass,’ even) on Righty.  Yes, the other one.  I was told it was probably nothing, which is exactly what I was told about Lefty.  I go for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound next week.  Depending on what we find, depending on my conversation with the medical oncologist, depending on the genetics testing, I might have to have more surgery.  More discoveries to be found.

Man, those guys in that van certainly have some f-ed up ways of entertaining themselves.

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